École d’été de Strasbourg 2023

« Réécritures de la Bible en vers dans l'Occident latin (IVe-XIVe s.) : typologies, intertextualité et contextes »



4 juillet 2023

14h30 Welcome of the participants

15h00* Francesco Stella (Siena), Poetic rewritings of the Bible: typologies and diachronic framework

16h00 Carl Springer (Chattanooga), Reading the Biblical Verse of Late Antiquity: Rhetoric, Exegesis, and Tradition

17h00 coffee break

17h30 Michele Cutino (Strasbourg), Bible rewritings as forms of theological expression: the narration of the Original Sin

18h30 Presentation of the PoBLAM project piloted by UR 4377 and Bergische Universität Wuppertal (M. Cutino- S. Freund) - Presentation of the draft edition of the Heptateuchos of Ps. Cyprian by the members of UR 4377 (M. Cutino, D. De Gianni, L. Furbetta, A. Leflaëc, R. Lestrade, F. Lubian)


5 juillet 2023

9h00 Stefan Freund (Wuppertal), Juvencus and his art of paraphrase. Selected case studies (4th c.)

10h00 Bruno Bureau (Lyon), Exegetic Insertions in Epic Narrative: is Arator creating a new poetic form?

11h00 coffee break

11h30 Student production workshop: comparison between the two modes of narrative and exegetical rewriting of a single biblical hypotext


14h30 Luciana Furbetta (Trieste), Bible and Poetry in Late Antique Gaul between epic rewriting, exegetic reading and intertextuality (from the ‘Heptateuchos Poet’ to Avitus of Vienne)

15h30 Paulo Farmhouse Alberto (Lisbon), Biblical poetry in Visigothic Spain and its reception in Carolingian literature.

16h30 coffee brea

17h00 Student production workshop: rewriting the Bible for apologetic-polemical purposes

18h30 Presentation of databases of Juvencus’ reception (S. Freund) and of the medieval poetry (11th – 13th c.) (I. Burri- B. Bureau- F. Stella)


6 juillet 2023

9h00 Lucie Dolezalova (Prague), Remembering the Bible in later Middle Ages

10h00 Gottfried Kreuz (Salzburg), Biblical cantica within  biblical paraphrases: Interrelations between biblical poetry and liturgy

11h00 coffee break

11h30 Student production workshop: classical intertextuality and liturgical practice: a case study


14h00 Greti Dinkova-Bruun (Toronto), Versifying the Cantica canticorum in the Later Middle Ages

15h00 Final balance of the summer school : return of the results of the student seminars